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A Nurse and a Mom: Meet the Heart of this Website

Hey there, I’m Sarah Adam, the brains and heart behind this website! As a stay-at-home mom and nurse by profession, I know a thing or two about staying motivated and inspired. And that’s where my passion for web design and inspiring quotes comes in.

While raising my little one, I discovered that quotes on beautiful imagery were the perfect source of motivation to keep me going, even on the toughest days. So, I decided to teach myself the art of web design and bring my love for inspiring quotes to life on this website.

My hope is that my designs and quotes can help bring a little sunshine to your life and inspire you to tackle whatever challenges you may be facing. So, take a look around, find something that speaks to you, and be sure to share it with your loved ones. Let’s spread positivity and inspiration, one quote and greeting at a time!

Take a stroll through the site! ❤